Republicans stuck in the Past

April 17, 2013

Since the 2012 elections it is crystal clear that US Reupublicans are living in a time warp from 40-50 years ago.  From Immigration to Womans Rights to American Workers.  Republicans wants the USA to do what it did 50 years ago.  There needs to be recognition that as time moves on that there needs to be an adaptation and reality that change is neccessary.


What are you saying Obama!!!!!!!!!

March 10, 2009

I am a Die Hard Obama supporter.  Someone who believes he can provide the change America needs.  Today I read Obama’s vision for education and it floored me.  It felt like I was reading a Republican speech.  Extending the school day and year will benefit students.  Obama must be smoking something a little too strong these days to say this.  Merit Pay to teachers can benefit students and we all know it.  How can we quantify who gets Merit Pay and will it be fair?  Obama needs to do a better job approaching change in the education arena.  There are home school students who spend less time on topics and know more than public school students.  Teachers should ALL get paid more and schools supported properly and you will see better education scores.  Obama, I will give you a pass on this now, but a ray of doubt has crept in my mind and a lot of other peoples minds and that is not good.